24 Hour Room Subcommittee


We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to everyone who helped to make the 2023 24 Hour Room – Finding Hope in the Darkness a success! Whether you shared your time, energy, and selves through volunteering for a personal or group shift; whether you helped organized, plan, and facilitate through area or the subcommittee; whether you shared your energy, time, or skills in activities and events; whether you simply attended the event – your service and presence made a difference, and we are truly thankful to each and every one of you!

A special acknowledgment goes out to our dedicated 24 Hour Room Subcommittee members! Your hard work behind the scenes did not go unnoticed, and we appreciate the effort you put into planning, decorating, and making sure everything ran smoothly to make this event so special. Also, a heartfelt thank you to the Marietta Area and the Home Groups for the financial support and service provided by its members and that makes this event possible. Thank you to anyone who donated or contributed food, coffee, auction items, and anything else we received! Thank you to the West Georgia Area, you always contribute and help so much, we love you! Thank you to all the other Areas, Home Groups, and Families that gave of themselves as well!

As we reflect on the close of 2023 and look forward to 2024, let’s continue fostering the spirit of recovery and fellowship that the 24 Hour Room embodies – let’s keep the momentum going! This event is created, organized, put together, staffed, and facilitated by our members – just like you! If you have suggestions – get involved! If you would like something changed, or felt like we missed something or could have done something better – get involved. If you had a wonderful time and it impacted you – come get involved. If you just want to come and be of service and have something to offer (and EVERYONE does) and aren’t afraid of some hard work – come get involvedIf you’re interested in contributing to future events, please check our calendar for details on the next 24 Hour Room Subcommittee meeting. Your involvement is essential, and together, we can make the next 24 Hour Room even more impactful!

2024 24 Hour Room Flyer

The 24 Hour Room Subcommittee will notify the area when they are ready accept submissions for artwork for the next 24 Hour Room. The winner will receive a free piece of merchandise with their artwork on it (usually a hoodie or t-shirt).

2024 Group Shift Schedule

Group Shifts can be filled by Home Groups, Areas, Sponsorship Families, etc. Groups will be given the Group Shift Calendar at the October ASC meeting and encouraged to pick their top five slots in preparation for the November ASC meeting, where a lottery is held to assign the Group Shift slots. All groups from other areas are encouraged to attend this November ASC to sign up for a shift. Any empty slots can be filled by contacting the Group Shift Coordinator.

You can view the Group Shift Responsibilities HERE.

The Shift Checklist (used by both Group and Personal Shifts) is located HERE.

2024 Personal Shift Schedule

The subcommittee will start accepting volunteers to be added to the Personal Shift Schedule after the November Marietta Area Service Committee meeting.

You can view the Personal Shift Responsibilities HERE

The Shift Checklist (used by both Personal and Group Shifts) is located HERE

Meeting Minutes